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Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 months...Really?

When I signed on to my blog today and saw that my last post was in April....well, nothing major happened! That's just me and this crazy life! April and May were quite hectic with 2 dance recitals, 1 pre-k graduation, and one 8th grade honors program. Not to mention at least 3 or 4 V.I.P birthdays! June hit like a freight train with V.B.S for a week and then Summer Daycamp for Bailey for 2 weeks. Starting this past week our oldest daughter, Samantha, is with us for an extended summer visit so now the real fun begins! The 2 younger gremlins look forward to this visit all year! We always figured that as Sam got older and more involved with friends she would start to dislike the long visits...but it seems just the opposite! She is a wonderful big sister and truly enjoys her time with them!

My absence from the bloggie world usually means that I have also been super busy making some really cute things! So now we are well into summer and I am well behind on showing you the aforementioned super cute things! But that's OK..I would not trade one minute of my crazy, hectic life for one that is much more sane and relaxed and at a slower pace...hmmmmm seconds thoughts?!?! Nahh!!!!

Oh, another fun thing that I have been trying to accomplish...clean out all of the misc. inventory that seems to be spilling out of every nook and cranny that I have or can create in the house! Right now, if you are a fan of my Facebook page you can see some of the extra cute stuff that I am practically giving away! So hop on over and become a fan....don't forget to leave me a note..cause I love notes!!! Click Here

I have several clients with little boys right now and the boys need that extra cuteness too! It seemed like all last year all of my projects were girl related! So this has been super fun!

I absolutely could not resist putting a picnic ant on this shirt for my niece, Zoey! I wish I would have had my camera in hand when I showed it to her. Pointing to the ant, I said "Look Zoey, what is it"! Eyes wide, face scrunched, she replies "a buug" with a little shudder! Regardless, you have to admit that this ant is welcome at any summer picnic!!

A friend of mine had her little girl's first birthday party last weekend and we were unable to attend! So I had to make her something extra cute! I bought the shirt a size larger than 12 months so that hopefully she will get lots of wear out of it!

This is another outfit that I took home last weekend for Zoey. She is a flip flops kind of girl, just like her Aunt Karla!

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