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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am moving!!!

Some of you may already know that I was the recipient of a fabulous prize via a Facebook giveaway from Wacky Jacqui's Blog Design....a total blog makeover! I was so excited that night that I could not sleep! I decided to go with a totally new blog (i know, i know kind of weird, but hey!) So here we are just a little time later! My new blog is up and running and I would like to ask my followers to scoot over and join me there! I hope you will like the fresh new look and if you need a blog makeover reach out to Jacqui!! I love everything about the new look and she did a fabulous job taking my crazy ideas and making them in to exactly what I pictured!!!

I hope to start transferring a lot of the old pics to the new blog slowly but surely!

The new blog address is

Friday, September 17, 2010

Before I forget to blog again!

Of course another week has flown by without me! Well, not really! I have contributed a lot!!

Ever wonder what to do with your daughter's blue jeans from last year? You know the ones that still fit in the waist (thanks in large part to the invention of adjustable waist) but are 2 inches too short!! bring them to me for some "Love & Stitches" of course!

This shirt and the jeans below are for a friend of Bailey's. Her family is having some portraits made and Mom wanted something cute and fun for the 2 daughters to wear.

Little sister had to have a dress with bows on the shoulder! I think the girls will match just enough!

And here is some more Fall cuteness! This client wanted something kind of for Halloween but not all spooky! I think this will work for the whole season!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tattle-Tale Thursday Third Time's a Charm!

yes, I know, last Thursday sort of flew by me before I even knew it! But in my defense I had several large orders come in all at the same time! Orders for such cute stuff and I can not wait to share.

Just to list a few:

- Baby Gifts
- 2 darling outfits for family portraits
- More cute ruffle pants for Fall, Halloween, & Christmas!

So without further ado (is that how you spell that fancy word?) Let's get with it. Here are the directions and rules! Don't forget to follow other bloggers! Oh yeah, last time we had 4 I hear 5 or 6 this time? I know we can do it if you tell all your bloggie peeps to help me out!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!?!?!

We have enjoyed some milder temps and definitely cooler nights! This time of year is always so welcome! Shawn has been anxiously awaiting this time of year since..well since like May! For him it doesn't have as much to do with cooler weather as it does the start of College Football season! I love football season too!!! Our house is divided..The girls and I are Auburn fans while Shawn and Caden are dedicated to Alabama.

The kids like to wear something football to school on Friday's during the season! A couple of weeks back I found a pair of capris in Bailey's size at the secondhand store for $1.61!!!!! I knew they would be perfect for what I had in mind.

I have also had a few requests for gifts in various colors!! Like this onesie...

And these baby bloomers!!!

And while I prefer orange and blue I think this outfit turned out very cute!