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Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh to be a blog-maniac! I have the true, sincere desire to be ultra cool and timely with my blog updates. What is that saying...something about the "road to somewhere not fun is paved with good intentions"? Anyway, if ever there was a girl with good intentions it is this one here! I have about a seventeen hundred pictures on my camera right.this.minute! Just waiting for me to move them to the computer, edit, and get to blogging about their cuteness! Again, those intentions are the best! I finish a project and take a few minutes to snap some shots and that is where it ends! Alas, I can not sit around and mope about it (well actually I can because I am woman and I can mope as I please!)

When I stop mopeing long enough to think about the reasons I do not blog more often I realize it is all about choices! And the awesome part is that most of the time I am choosing my husband and kids over editing and posting! I say most of the time, well, because we all know that there are times when the cute husband and dirty kids are being totally ignored for some computer time.

And then other times I realize that part of the reason I do not get around to blogging more often is that my mind tends to wander around from subject to subject. For instance in the time it has taken me to type this update I have been mentally reviewing things such as:

-I wonder if I can find all of the pieces to Bailey's recital costume?
-Hope the squirrels will stay out of my flowers this year?
-Ohhh yeah, I have a bag of corn cobs to put out on the squirrel feeder, need to do that tonight!
-Is "mopeing" really a word
-Wait, hubby just texted me to see if I texted our hair chick to make him an appointment(seriously!)

Ok I am back, now what were we talking about? Oh yeah, my lack of blogging abilities! So with all that off my chest I am going to move on with my day! I have lots of orders (yay), lots of errands (oh boy), and lots of sunshine to work with this weekend! So while I might not make a post everyday, just know that I am constantly thinking about it! And soon there will be a new one waiting for you when you come to check in on me! Maybe one day I will get it together enough to do a giveaway! Hmmm...would love to hear your thoughts on that! Leave me a comment let me know how you are doing! While I do not post often enough I sure love to see/hear your feedback!!!

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