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Friday, July 2, 2010

Rethink Pink and Hopping

OK so here is my random thought for the day...Pink...The color pink can be great! Light pink, dark pink, kind of salmon pink. It's all good really. I have nothing against the color pink. I am just tired of the color pink on my blog! So in the near future (ha yea right) look for some changes...maybe I will go with or orange. Let's face it, it will take me 2 months to get back around to this random thought and then the color & design choice will have changed..again!

Another thing I am thinking is how much I love blog stalking..uh umm hopping! I could really "hop" all day long. But since that gets me nowhere fast with all the other million and 1 things that need to be accomplished I try to limit myself. Sometimes.


New Friend Fridays


Ron Cooper said...

Happy 4th! I’m following you now on New Friend Friday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”


ashlesmommy said...

Hello! Following from new friend fridays :o) please visit me @

AUDRA said...

I too have to limit myself to the blogging world, or nothing else in my real world gets done.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nice meeting you through New Friend Friday!

Hope to see you soon partyin' it up at Socialize with me Monday til Sunday!