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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bailey Bug

Bailey has been taking Irish Dance Lessons - think Micheal Flatley's Lord of the dance - since October. It seems as though she has found her little place in the world of extracurricular activities! Although she still wants to play soccer and that makes her Daddy very happy. The most important thing is that she stays active and enjoys what she is doing at the same time!

Last weekend the Dancers were invited to be the entertainment at an Auburn University Club benefit function. Talk about excited! The studio offers lessons to dancers from 3 yrs to 103 yrs of age! Almost all of the students participated with the exception of the wee little ones. The event was a black tie affair....I had to pick Bailey's chin up several times, and stop her hand from floating out and up to touch one of the many formal gowns that were being worn around! While in the ladies' room waiting to wash her hands, there was a stunning orange dress using the sink. (I should call her a person, but honestly in the eyes of an 8 yr old girl...well, there was only the dress to be seen) Anyway, as the dress stepped aside, Bailey says - in complete awe - "You look beautiful"! It was really so cute!

Of course I have some pictures. What Mom would not come fully prepared to take pictures. I cleared all the current pics off my memory card, charged my battery, and off we go. But alas, after getting 3 shots of the girls pre-performance, the camera decided it was done. I have been having trouble with this darn thing and at one point I did threaten to throw it out the door. I refrained, and I am sure that everyone was grateful. BUT, I did get a couple of cute ones!

Bailey's class was doing a group dance and they were one girl short. So Ellie filled in. OH.MY.GOODNESS. you have never seen a more excited little girl. To be dancing with an older girl that is advanced in her technique...well you can imagine!

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