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Monday, April 14, 2008

Are you ready for summer?...Flips Flops are next

Who doesn't love an awesome pair of flip flops? I know I do! And Bailey is no exception!!! These are sooo much fun to make and wear! You can have flops to go with every outfit or special made to match something cute you need to wear!

I made 2 pair of these for a lady at work. Both of her girls are high school cheerleaders and love everything to do with their school colors! (I see some orange and blue in my future as well!)

These are for Bailey! I have a bandanda top in the works to go with these wild flops! How cute!!!!! I can not wait until she can wear on the lookout for a pic of the whole ensemble together!!! Oh yeah..of course a hairbow can be put together to complete the outfit!

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