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Thursday, August 9, 2007

School is in session

OK..the day has arrived! Bailey bug is officially in Kindergarten. Needless to say she was very excited about starting school. And when she found out that 2 of her good friends, Benjamin and Danielle, were going to be in her class she could hardly stand it!!!! Yes it was hard on Mommy but I did very good and I should get a big cookie for not crying!!! Well...not much anyway!

This is Bailey with her bag this morning.

And little brother had to sneak in!

The school is very new and I think we are going to enjoy our time there!

Bailey and Danielle....They will be hard to seperate!

Benjamin did not really want his picture made so I had to sneak one in!!! He is the quiet one in the relationship!!! Imagine daughter ..talking all the time!!!

Amazingly, Caden was very well behaved while we were there. And he did not want to leave. I think he thought he was getting a new school too! Whew...not so fast boy. Mama can only handle so much!

What story would be complete without some potty pics? At least the potty line!!

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