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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It has been forever since I have posted anything at all and the entire Holiday Season passed by without the first picture of all the cute things I was able to create! Shame on me! However, I must say that it was another absolutely wonderful experience to be involved in creating precious gifts for people across the country! Monogrammed Spa Slippers seemed to be the hot item this year!

I also have to admit to being the worst ever when it comes to Christmas cards or pictures or anything like that! I remember every year my Mom sat down with this huge list of addresses and a huge stack of cards. She managed to get a card out to each person on that list. Then if someone new sent us a card well, they went on the list too! I have never been able to get that routine I gave up! A couple of years ago I snapped a cute pic of the 3 kids in front of the Christmas Tree. Took that one to good ol' Wally World and made the cutest Happy New Year card you can imagine! Sent that to the Grands and the Great Grands and everyone was happy!

So this year I made an appointment with a friend that is working hard to grow her own photography business! Praying that it would not rain, again! I got that wish...but good grief was it cold! All in all it worked out pretty darn well! She got some really great shots of my 3 goblins and even included Ruby in a few! I am posting a sneak peak. Jessica is going to blog some on her side also but I could not wait!

Oh..and to achieve my goal of organized chaos....I am going to be making some changes to my current blogs. I have two, 1 for family and 1 for Dezigns by Karla. I decided that the two are so very closely intertwined and I rarely have time to keep one of them all will be consolidated! I will just post some "what's happenings" here and there mixed in with my current DBK projects!

I could not believe that we actually got Shawn to participate so freely!

Here are the goblins! Starting with the youngest.

Caden is 4 but he can not wait to be five! Jessica did a great job with the picture. But mostly I was very proud of my little man for cooperating so well the whole time!

Bailey Bug. What can I say! She has loved the camera since she was very little! It is hard to believe how she is growing!

Samantha...The Teenager! Whew! Such a beautiful girl inside and out! Watch out world!

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