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Monday, October 26, 2009

More Ruffles and Burps!

I am so proud of myself! Another blog post! Yay me!

OK so a couple of weekends back we went to visit the family in South Alabama! So the night before I scrambled to whip up a pair of cute ruffle pants for my niece Zoey. I think you will agree that they are extra cute with the coordinating shirt! Those are christmas tree lightbulbs all over the pants. It is hard to get a good pic of a busy 2 year old!

Then last week I had a few baby orders to work on.
Quilted diaper bags, burps, and bibs make the best shower gifts!

I think the font on the right with the big "G" might be one of my newest addictions!

Another lady in our are was preparing for a new baby girl and they named her Charlie. I just love this for a little girl!

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