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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It has been awhile....

Man...I can not believe it has been almost 4 months since I have blogged. I guess the good thing is that we really had an awesome summer and time just slipped away! That is not to say that I have not also had some really cool sewing projects going on during that time too! I just have not stopped to take pics and blog about them! But I am really, really going to try to get better. My new goal is to blog once a week...ummm I think we have all heard that before!

School is back in full force and soccer starts this week...well last night but it rained so no practice! I was a good girl and took advantage of the unexpected time to work on a couple of orders!

One of them really inspired me to blog. I know that most of the things I create are highly "personalized". But sometimes you need a gift or want something that does not scream yours or your children's name all over it. That does not have to mean that you can not get something unique. These burps are a cute example....a lady stops me at Bailey's school and says "I need a baby shower gift but they are not sure what the name is yet, can you make something cute and girly and simple?" Hello....Can I do what? Of course I can!!!

So just wanted to share with everyone that personal and monogrammed does not have to mean names and initials!!!

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