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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just thought I would ramble today!

I do not have a cute pic to post today! But I should have some more soon. I have had several orders come in lately and I will be working hard these next couple of days to get them caught up and out the door!

I just love when a customer places an order with me and tells me that the items are for her bridesmaids or other special event! I guess I just feel like I am doing such a personal thing for someone halfway across the country!

Anyway, I will also be at Santuck this weekend with my hardworking machine and 2 friends there to help me along! It should be a great weekend with good weather!

Hey, also, if you are on Twitter please look me up and follow me! I would love to have some more "Tweeps" to follow! I am @karlaboyse

Hope everyone has a great day! Please make sure to come visit often and send any other "blogstalkers" that you know over my way!

Love & Stitches,


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