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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crazy Weather and Craft Shows

Well, I have not done such a good job of updating this blog or the other one lately! I do this to myself all the time! I want to be so dedicated and update with great new wonderful stuff once a week! The cool thing is that I have been staying so busy with orders that I do not have a chance to take pictures and post!!!

Last year I branched out and started going to some local Flea Market/Craft Show type events. I was very nervous about doing this. It is safe to say that once I got started I can not stop! It is so much fun and you get to meet all kinds of new and interesting people. In Santuck, AL there is a monthly event called Santuck Flea Market. I am here to tell ya, you can find everything at this place from antiques, clothes, produce, rugs ....the list goes on and on. And I have found myself right in the middle of the frenzy! The coolest thing is when you get repeat customers! Who would have thunk it, right? Well the past 2 months I have had someone come back and say "I bought myself a travel mug last month and now all the people at my office want one"...or "My daughter took mine" ...I even had a young lady stop by and wait 2 hours for me to complete her order cause she needed gifts for events coming up!

I finally talked myself into packing up my embroidery machine and supplies and bringing it with us to the show. March was the first month we did this and it was a small success. So off we went for the April show this past Saturday! I was also lucky enough to be right beside a lady that had made the cutest pillowcase dresses! What a win win for us both. She hung one up in her booth that showcased my embroidery and she and I never sat down all day! It was so much fun!

Thankfully the crazy weather gave us a break Saturday! It was a beautiful day! Now we are having more crazy weather..cold....yuck! I refuse to put my winter clothes back on though. Once I pull out the flip flops for spring it is on!!!

I hope to post some new pictures soon! We are all really looking forward to summer and camping! But I will try to do better with my updates!

Enjoy your day!

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