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Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Summer Days!

I have been a slacker on posting! But it has all been for good reasons. We have really enjoyed our summer time with all of the kids. Things are winding down now and we get back into school next week!!! Wow...flies by...just like Mama used to say!

This weekend was the first in awhile that I have done nothing but sew and create!! Such Fun!!! I am also trying to squeeze in some time here and there to work on the website but it is slow going!!!

I have some great new products and I think I see Christmas lists being filled already!!! This is a longer than usual post so make sure you read all the way down...some of the best is at the bottom!!!!

Wrist Key Fobs!!!

These are not new..but I have some new ribbon choices...Last week Shawn and I made over 60 of these!!! I am so excited to be working with 2 local boutiques to provide them with great trendy items!!!

Saddlewood Collection

Here are some more patterns from the Saddlewood Collection. (Still working on getting these back on the website also).

This classy green tote and zipper bag is for my MIL. She decided that she carries enough stuff with her that it will just be easier to have it all in one tote. When the zipper bags became available I knew I had to get her one of those too. Perfect for eyeglasses, makeup, toiletries..whatever you need! She has not seen it yet and I picked it out so let's hope she likes it!

The black set is for my good friend Carnley....Carnley & daughter Catherine (aka Cat) have the same initials. So when Carnley started talking about needing a new bag for Cat's stuff I suggested one of these! Now when Carnley no longer needs a "baby" bag for Cat's stuff she can have it for herself. (I have a sneaky feeling that it will become Carnley's bag sooner than later!!!)

Towel Wraps

As always towel wraps make the perfect gift!

Personalized Sippy Cups

I am so excited to carry the popular personalized sippy cups! Now your little tot can drink in style right along side Mom and Dad!!! Since of course you have your very own personalized koozie or travel mug from Dezigns by Karla, right?

Sippy cups are perfect for the child on the go! Playtex brand cups are leak proof so that makes Mom happy!!!

These are not on the website yet...but if you are interested you can email me and I will be glad to help!!!

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