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Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring is in the air.....and time flies!!!

Whew, we have been running around like dead chickens! Wait...dead chickens can't run..maybe that is why we have been falling into bed each night and not moving until morning when we wake up stiff and stuck in one position! Our house has been busy lately! We are not complaining....just saying! Caden, my baby boy, officially turns 3at 12:20 pm today!!! So hard to believe! We had a small family party for him the weekend before last and he had a blast! Tonight we are going to Burger King for some indoor playground fun with a couple of his friends from daycare!

The weather keeps teasing us with sunny skies and mild temps and then taking it all back with a weekend full of clouds and rain. I love being able to send the kids outside to play all evening! But they were a little couped up this weekend! I spent some much needed time organizing and cleaning out some things in my studio! I feel refreshed. There is still more to do but my customers come first so I will be plugging away at all the fun projects I have going on.

While cleaning out I came across some things and had a brilliant idea! A Spring Cleaning be on the lookout for some very cute, very inexpensive things to show up on the website! Prices will include monogramming! And don't forget to tell everyone you know about the new Saddlewood Baby collection I am carrying!

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