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Monday, July 30, 2007


I spent some much anticipated time with Zoey this weekend! Bailey, Caden, and I crashed the gathering that my Mom had at her house for some family and friends to visit with Zoey. NO ONE knew we were coming and it was an awesome surprise!!! I am still recovering a little because I offered to get up with Zoey Saturday night so Mom and Dad could get a whole nights sleep. Zoey's Mommy, Angel, was certain she would be up every 2 or 3 hours checking on me and the baby anyway......HAAAA Angel's head hit the bed at 10:30 and we did not see her again till almost 9 Sunday morning. I would say my mission was accomplished.

Check out the cuteness I made for her!!

Here is a peak at the front of Zoey's outfit.

Bailey had to sneak into a picture!!! Such wild hair.

I think Bailey might have been squeezing a little!!! Might need to do a diaper check after this shot!!! Bailey can not get enough of "baby zoey"

Bailey insisted that we could not leave until she got to feed Zoey a bottle!

This is my brother...yes Zoey has his hairline!

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kim said...

How much does she look like Nick????