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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Really Fun Kids Stuff

Soooo...It is official..I can now call myself an "International Supplier of Super Duper Cute Stuff"! Whew, that is a mouth full. A few weeks back-or could be more like 2 months-I received an email from a Mom that had stumbled upon my website and just had to have some personalized sippy cups for her sons' upcoming birthday party! Imagine my surprise when her email ended with "and can you ship to Singapore?" Well, I have never been one to say "NO" I began the process of trying to figure out the best way to qoute shipping and then also to charge her for shipping. It was not as cut and dry as you would think. There was also a slight hitch with payment..seems as though my paypal account did not want to process her credit card due to currency reasons...but in the end it all worked out fabulously and I was able to ship these cuties off well in advance of the birthday party! Now, I ask you, how stinkin cool is it that someone liked my stuff so much they would want me to ship it to Singapore!! And I thought it was amazing that I was shipping to Idaho before!!!

Probably we are all in the middle of back to school madness! Thankfully we are in week 2 of school and our lives are moving into something that might resemble a routine! My kids are doing better adjusting than I am ....Bailey's alarm clock goes off and she wakes her brother up while I am still giving the snooze button some love! There is also a lot of multi-tasking going on in our household as we try to juggle work, school, dance, gym, homework, yardwork, housework, and of course sewing! Whew...I am tired all over again just typing that! In the end it all works out and if there are cobwebs in the corners of my hallway...well I can take comfort in that they have set up shop in a well loved atmosphere! So where was I..oh yeah, back to school...Caden gets to lay down for about 30 minutes of rest in Kindergarten and they have to bring in something to lay on. The note said a beach towel...but we already had a napper from preschool and it has a nifty little pillow and cover. He was not so sure about using it so I told him I would put his name on it and he could pick out the colors.

Check back soon for more of my latest projects and probably some that are really old!

Love & Stitches,

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