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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The first "DBK" Original all get a sneak peak at what will be the first purse in the "DBK Boutiqe Line". Maybe I will call it something else..but the point is I now have a variation of the "square" purse! I have been thinking on this purse for awhile now and had it in my head just how I wanted it to is pretty darn close!

This one will be called the "nichole" look for it in the near future!! Should be on the website soon!!

In case you can not tell..the purse is angle in a little more at the top! I think it makes a great "boutique" look!!!!

The great thing about all my custom purses is, although clients will pick the style and colors/patterns they prefer, each purse will be different than the last! All purses are one of a kind custom made purses. And of course all purses can be personalized with initials or a name before purse you get the professional look inside with lots of pockets included!

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